Individual Photoshoot -June 4th- Dallas

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It's that time of the year for individual portraits. MyJdroductions will be there to capture this exclusive event.

What sets MyJdProduction apart? 

Our goal is to offer your athlete the experience of a photoshoot that is generally reserved for NCAA and NFL Athletes Here at MyJdProductions, we don't do anything half way.

Why purchase photos of your athlete?

  Why purchase photos Recruiters want to see quality images of your athletes in action and in the studio. NAME IMAGE LIKENESS (NIL) is so big now and days. Recruiters look at social media and see who has it and who doesn't. NIL sells tickets at the elite levels of football.

MyJdProductions have invested in a new system to speed up the photoshoots while not compromising the experience with your athletes. You will need to sign up and purchase your photoshoot before the event that way things will move smoothly and we know how many athletes we can expect.       

 Please help us out by preordering your photos at: Photoshoot

Preordering is very important to a speedy shoot, nobody wants to wait around longer than is necessary.

Special notes for your athletes photoshoot

Please make sure at check in your athlete has cleats and his helmet with him/her if you wish to photograph with it.  We expect a 1-2  day turnaround.

Terms of Service

There will be no refunds. MyJdProductions cant control if your child doesn't show up to the photoshoot. It is the parent or guardians responsibility to make sure your kid gets the  photoshoot. MyJdProductions does not guarantee a certain amount of photos but tend to be between 5-25 photos.